Frequently Asked Questions

Is the dye permanent?

Yes, it’s the same dye they use when they made the carpet. It wont clean out or come off due to traffic. However it’s the same as your original dyed color and can fade or be altered by bleach, pet urine, acne medication etc. 

How much does spot dyeing cost?

I have a $175.00 minimum within Central Orange County and that covers a few small spots. It also depends on what I have to do BEFORE I can apply the dye to prepare the fiber either by cleaning or neutralizing the affected area. 

What is your guarantee?

 Spot Dye Wizard and Dyemasters unconditionally guarantees that the dyes we use will be as durable and colorfast as those of the original carpet manufacturer. There s is also a lifetime labor guarantee of the dye application process. As with any carpet though, your redyed carpet will be affected by bleaching agents, urine damage and years of exposure to sunlight will eventually fade the color. The dyes we use are from the major carpet mills.

Can you dye stains?

A stain is color “Added” like spilled drinks etc. Those have to be lightened using a variety of “Dye Discharge” treatments. Dye just would make it darker. Dye isn’t like Paint. Dye is transparent and pairs with the color it’s applied to. Dye will fix “Color-Loss” spots and areas. 

Why should you hire me?

 I am an Orange County resident and the service technician that will be doing the work. I have been in the carpet industry since 1976 and a color match carpet dyer since 1988. I won’t upsale you anything and I’ll tell you if I can’t make your carpet problem go away.

What is the best way to set up an appointment?

Text me at 714 928-3876 and send me a couple pictures of the carpet damage. Tell me what city you are in and a little bit about your situation and I will return your text as soon as possible.

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