Spot Dye RepaiR

Spot Dye Repair

No matter how careful we are bleach can get away from us easily. There are also kitchen cleaners that have a small amount of bleach in them, for disinfecting purposes stored right next to the carpet spotter. Grab the wrong one and spot clean the carpet and before long you might have a disaster on your hands not to mention being in the “Dog House”. I have saved a few marriages I’m told. Lol


At least for me it is… Often neutralizing the bleach is the greater challenge. Pet urine or a high PH chemical that is trapped in the face yarn has also penetrated the carpet backing and even the padding. Knowing what took the color out will dictate what is used to balance it to a neutral PH and prep the fiber to receive the color correction formula.


Spot Dye Wizard is dedicated to bringing residential and commercial extraordinary spot dye repair services to Southern California. Some of the benefits to reaching out include:

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Bleach Spots Happen

As you may know, carpet is dyed and the dye can be removed or altered by many things. The most common are Bleach, Peroxides, Pet Urine, spot cleaning with high alkalinity spotters and Fading.

Carpet Color Loss can be Repaired

Redyeing just the affected areas is very successful and colorfast when it's done by a skilled technician. It can however be a disaster if attempted by the "Do-It-Yourselfer" or the carpet cleaner.

It's an Art Project

Dye is not like paint that can cover up one color with another. It's transparent and the color of the damaged area must be calculated into the dye mixture so it combines with it and becomes the color of the original carpet.

Have you priced
carpet lately?

The cost of carpet replacement today is anywhere from $600 to $1000+ per room. Most often carpet "uglies out" before it "wears out".

Restore Instead
of Replace

Many times it can be re-dyed to new like condition for a fraction of that price. I have saved people tens of thousands of dollars with my process of color restoration.

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Text me a couple pictures of the spots so I can see what you have , and I'll reply with an estimate to repair them. Send to: 714 928-3876

Spot Dye Video

I have over a dozen ways of applying carpet dye, here’s one of them.
The blue dye combines with the orange spot and turns it back to the original color. Groovy huh?!? =]

Video of an airbrush spot dye

Check out this great video