Carpet color restoratioN


Carpet spots are a common concern for many hotels, stores, businesses, and homeowners. At times you notice spots on your beautiful carpets and wonder where did that come from? It happens, no matter the quality of a carpet. This is where we come in, the Spot Dye Wizard has decades of experience in restoring carpet colors from, spills, bleach, pets, excessive cleaning, permanent stains, discoloration, and burns. We will take care of your carpet in the best possible way.

BENEFITS OF blend dyeing

Many calls I get are from people listing their house for sale, and they just want to give the carpet some “Eye Appeal” by eliminating areas that draw your attention to and date the carpet. Besides replacing a roof, flooring is the next big expense that you don’t want a prospective buyer to think they have to add $20 Grand on to the budget. Does that make sense? Of course it does. Here’s some other service I can provide:

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