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I am the carpet "Spot Dye Wizard"

 Hi, I'm Frank Troiano.
My company, Newport Carpet Dyeing and Repair has been providing carpet restoration service to Orange County since 1980. I specialize in restoring the color back to carpet due to bleach, pets, sunfade etc. I don't do carpet cleaning. I fix the odd and unusual things that happen to carpets. I repair them so no one sees the damage and I save people thousands of dollars.

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Before and after pictures of my work:

I use the same dye they used when they made the carpet. It's guaranteed to stay even through future carpet cleanings. carpet dyeing bleach spot repair


Make no mistake about it...this is an art project to fix.

I have been doing carpet dyeing so long, I know the color wheel better than my kids birthdays. Seriously I apply the "compliment" color to each spot to bring them back to the original color. 95% or better.

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Spot Dye Wizard

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